1% Listing Fee to sell your home

Home sellers SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars with our 1% listing fee program. We provide the same services as a 5% retail broker, but more money stays in your pocket, instead of going into the real estate agent.

In Addition to a 1% Listing Fee, We Also Provide:

FREE professional photography including a custom video of your home.

FREE broker appraisal stating what your home is worth today. Banks pay $100 for this custom report.

FREE expert opinion of what repairs and/or upgrades are needed to help you sell your house for top dollar.

Thank you! I should have your appraisal finished within two business days.

If you have any problems, questions, or special requests, please call me at 650-999-9848.


Anthony J. Wiench, Broker
CA BRE #01145903

Charging $50,000 to Sell a $1,000,000 Home Is Ridiculous.

Are you considering paying a real estate agent $50,000 for a job that will last about six weeks, which is about the same amount of money the average engineer would earn working eight to ten hours a day for six months?

As an independent real estate broker, I give the homeowner the commission that I would have to pay an agent to sell your home. The agent’s commission now stays in your pocket where it belongs.

I can charge a 1% listing fee and make about the same amount of money I did managing a large, expensive office with agents. Since I don’t have to spend my time managing agents and dealing with a huge overhead, I have the time to give my clients better service while saving them money. My advertising costs have gone way down because I get so many referrals from clients who are anxious to tell all their friends about how much money they saved.


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Anthony J. Wiench, Broker
CA BRE #01145903

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